About Numeros Motors

Numeros Motors is a new age OEM, which manufactures purpose built electric vehicles to be used in commercial applications.

For the population of India that is self-employed and uses every possible resource available to earn a livelihood, access to a sturdy reliable and utilitarian vehicle is a top priority. Local kirana shop owners, last-mile delivery executives and other gig-economy workers all require a vehicle that they can depend on in order to earn a living.

Numeros Motors Vision

As the company’s vision, we wish to create a positive impact not just for the environment and the fight against climate change but, also for our end users who will use our products as tools to grow their own micro-businesses and earn a living.

Numeros Motors Mission

To put 250,000 Electric Vehicles on road by Dec’2025, by introducing multiple products, variants, services and expanding distribution network to 250+ cities in india and export markets.

Brand Values

We believe that the end users of our products are the most important stakeholder of our organization and our Brand Values are aligned towards their needs, wants & desires.


Use case based products | Consumer Centric Features | Balanced Performance & Style


Value based Product | Price Available across channels | Flexible Price & Financing


Electric mobility | No emissions | Products born to last long | Warranties & assurance

Product Values

Considering our target group, usage pattern & expectations from our vehicles, we have defined our guiding principles for any & all new product developments


Longevity and durability of the assets


Rider safety built into design


Fully connected vehicle



We are driven by passion and supported by strong expertise in the automotive and technology industries.


We combine proprietary design and technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to deliver customer delight.


We believe that if each of us treat the planet with utmost respect, it will pay us back multi-fold. We are proud to be India’s first automotive plant to be co-located on a verdant organic farm.


We are creating a vibrant community of innovators and thought leaders who are keen to solve today’s problems for a better tomorrow.