A better future for you

Multi-functional vehicles designed to support the livelihoods of micropreneurs. From goods delivery, to carrying tools, to running errands – the only limit is your imagination.

A better future for the business

India’s only purpose-built vehicles for the last-mile cargo logistics use case. We help you future-proof your fleet, while simultaneously reducing your operational costs.

A better future for the planet

Clean technology and sustainability are firmly embedded in our DNA. We’re committed to doing our bit to preserve the environment, one mile at a time.

Numeros Motors Products


km IDC Range
kmph Top Speed
kW Vehicle Power
Degree Gradeability
% Connected Vehicle
kms Warranty


Small-frame large wheel, 2 Wheeler designed specifically for light-weight applications.

Coming Soon (2024)


An innovative mini 3 wheeled scooter, with dedicated rear deck, targeted for e-commerce, mid load – last mile logistics.



Lightest & most agile 4 wheeler with highest payload efficiency, targeted for e-commerce last & mid mile logistics.


Diplos offers 2 unique variants catering to fleet owners and riders

About Numeros Motors

Numeros Motors is a new age OEM, which manufactures purpose built electric vehicles to be used in commercial applications.

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