Scaling India’s battery ecosystem: Crucial next steps

At this point, the writing on the wall is quite clear – electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility. With many governments committing to transition to EVs and providing strong policy support, EVs are now increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEVs). EVs are a ripe opportunity for disruption (just look at Tesla) and India has the opportunity to redefine itself as a global leader in clean mobility. However, to make this a reality the nascent EV industry in India will need to be supported by a robust battery ecosystem. Batteries are one of the most critical aspects of an EV, comprising a significant portion of costs and have a direct bearing on the number one consumer concern for EVs – range.Boosting the domestic battery ecosystem will be essential to the growth of the Indian EV industry as well as the viability of other green technologies like renewable energy.